Balancing Work & Leisure

Balancing Work & Leisure


“Mastery of the Virtues is the Mastery of Balance. In life everything must be balanced.” – Master Choa Kok Sui

Moderation requires discernment. It varies from person to person. What is moderate for one may not be so for another. Understanding and applying this is one of the Secrets of Prosperity.

There are specific steps we can take to avoid falling into the same trap. When we’re in the middle of an abundance inflow, we can take measures to reduce our chances of facing a situation where we’re struggling and cash-strapped. Basically, when you’re up, take steps to stay up, so that when you’re down, you can bounce back up faster!

Within abundance is the seed of poverty unless we practice tithing, moderation and industriousness. According to the Law of Cycles, everything is subject to change. Nothing lasts forever. Let us understand and take advantage of these invisible laws to balance and secure our future.

Join us for this session for guidance, principles and methods. Use it to set the blueprint for a prosperous, successful and balanced life.

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