Empowerment through Energy

Empowerment through Energy


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As we approach the Wesak season, we invite you to deepen your practice and harness the exceptional energies it brings. This period, celebrating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and transition, offers an unparalleled influx of divine energy, conducive to healing, personal development, and manifestation.

For pranic healers, Wesak presents an extraordinary opportunity to enhance our healing capabilities and to facilitate our personal and collective goals. By attuning ourselves to these heightened energies, we can significantly amplify our healing intentions, benefiting ourselves and those we serve.

Focused Meditation: Engage in meditation practices that open your heart and crown chakras, allowing the sublime energies of Wesak to flow through you, enhancing your healing abilities and facilitating a deeper connection with the divine.

Purification Rituals: Utilize this time to cleanse your aura and chakras. Employ pranic healing techniques to remove energetic blockages, ensuring you’re a clear channel for the powerful energies to come.

Intention Setting and Manifestation: With the amplified energies during Wesak, your intentions hold greater power. Set clear, positive intentions for your healing practice and personal aspirations. Visualize these intentions materializing, fueled by the potent energies of Wesak.

Wesak is not merely a time for reflection but a powerful catalyst for transformation and manifestation. As pranic healers, engaging with these energies can elevate our practice to new heights, bringing about healing, clarity, and progress on our spiritual path.

Let us embrace this sacred time, channeling the divine energies of Wesak towards our collective upliftment and the betterment of humanity.

Date: 13th April
Time: 9:00 pm Manila Time

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