Manifesting A Romantic Relationship

Manifesting A Romantic Relationship


Relationships. Love. Romance.

When we are single, we want these. When we’re committed, we want to improve them. Sometimes we’re inspired to join a group or a community for removing external obstacles that prevent us from having a happy love life.

But it’s the deep inner work where the magic begins.

Join us this coming year for a three part Valentine’s Special Series by four lovely speakers. These sessions are practical and have a lot of usable tips, tricks and techniques – both for creating the right inner condition for a good relationship, and the energies needed to keep the relationship sparkling.

15 Jan: 3 Energies that Poison Relationships by Neha Jain
29 Jan: Attracting A Perfect Relationship by Shahwana Khanam
5 Feb : The Alchemy of Romantic Relationships by Chiara Perfetti & Yiorgos Stamoulis

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