Manifesting an Abundant Life

Manifesting an Abundant Life


“If a person masters the Virtue of Constancy of Aim and Effort, that person is destined to be successful.” – Master Choa Kok Sui

As people on the spiritual path, most of us are blessed with a kind heart. But a good heart alone is not enough. We must overcome our Inner Inertia! We must have Will Power!

We have access to spiritual technology with life-changing potential. While we’ve experienced its miraculous healing effects through Pranic Healing, we can utilize the tools for creating a life of abundance.

Creating this life of our dreams becomes much easier when we remove the energies of struggle and self-sabotage. When we restore divine alignment and bring in self-love, we effectively open ourselves up for a downpour of divine energy that has transformative and transmutative effects!

In short, we become receptive to all the good that the Divine Energies have in store for us. This manifestation technique is a science. We need to use our knowledge of energy and reprogram our systems to manifest an abundant life.  a life of abundance and plenty. and surrender opens the door to all of the good the divine has created for everyone.

Manifestation is a science! Using the knowledge of energy, we can re-program our system to attract an abundant life.

Join us for this session for cleansing our systems and using the tools to attract prosperity, plenty and abundance.

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