5 Ways to Experience Love

5 Ways to Experience Love
February 25, 2021 Admin IIS

Love comes with different hues and ways and is the one thing that everyone continuously looks for it or at least has searched for, sometime in their life.

Love is that warm cozy feeling that makes you bloom, feel peaceful, protected and happy. When there is love, there is stillness and peace.

The reason we are constantly looking for love is because we are all beings of love! Our nature is to love and to be loved! Love is the food that nurtures our emotions and nourishes our soul.

In fact many of the world’s problems and psychological disorders happen because there is lack of love, lack of soul contact.

“Love is therapeutic, But to have love, you must give love first! That’s how it works.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Most of the times, we look for other people and situations to make us happy and to feel loved, not realizing that love is a feeling that comes from inside. If we are filled with anger, hatred and enmity, how is it possible to feel higher emotions like love?!

Looking at our energetic anatomy, our Heart chakra is the center of love in our system. It is the center of higher emotions including peace, joy, compassion, love, patience and serenity. If the heart chakra is not sufficiently activated no matter how much you look for love, how many times you change your partner or you try hard, the feeling of love and warmness is not possible.

Without realizing this simple fact, if you involve yourself in various relationships, make family and join different groups to give you that warm cozy feeling, in the end you might not feel satisfied enough!

Mahatma Gandhi says ‘be the change that you want to see in the world!’

So develop your Heart chakra, fill yourself with love and share your love with the world and see how the world will shower you with love in abundance. Following these 5 simple steps can bring you closer to this.

Forgive and Forget, Understand People

First of all, you need to know how to accept and forgive yourself and have a good-image of you. This leads to humility and self-love.

Think about it… we are all human beings and we are not yet perfect! So we all make mistakes and mistakes are parts of life and evolution.

So “don’t make a big fuss when you make a mistake… Do not be too hard on yourself, but consider how many mistakes do you make in a day or in a week’s time.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Loving and forgiving yourself, gives you the ability to accept and forgive others when they make mistakes.

Although external actions must be taken sometimes to help the other person realizes his/her mistake, inner forgiveness should be practiced all the time as it has healing effects on you.

If you want to be filled with love, you need to let go of anger and resentment; and the way to do this is to forgive.

“Forgiveness is not a matter of who is right or wrong. It is a matter of doing the right thing.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Become A Channel of Love

Nature is governed by many laws and one is the law of “cause and effect,” also known as “the law of Karma.” It is believed that “what you saw is what you reap,” what you plant is what you harvest.

So if you want to experience love in abundance, you need to give love in abundance. As you give love, love will come back to you.

“Life is like an echo. What you send out comes back to you many, many times!” Master Choa Kok Sui

One of the easiest ways to be a channel of love is to practice the “Meditation on Twin Hearts.”

Twin Hearts is a simple yet very effective technique to achieve peace and illumination. It involves activating the Heart and Crown chakras through blessing the earth with loving-kindness.

As you bless the earth and every person, every being with love, peace, joy and warmness, you will be overfilled with love and peace.

When your Heart chakra gets big, strong and energized during the meditation, you will experience more love, warmness and tenderness. Every moment will become a happy moment for you, and every person will become a friend.

Smile More

One of the easiest ways to activate the heart is to smile.

Smile, not only makes your face pretty and bright, it activates your Heart center. Laughing will further cleanse your Solar Plexus chakra, which is the center for lower emotions like stress, worry and anger.

When your system is cleansed from negative lower emotions and thoughts, it gives space for the positive higher emotions to stay.

Smiling also makes you attractive and lovable. People normally like it when you smile. So it helps you build better relationships and more friends. Harmonizing relationships are a key to experience love.

Use Self-Healing Techniques

To be honest, we all have had many negative experiences in life, from childhood till now; and it is not possible to remove these experiences and situations completely from our lives. But we can learn how to deal with them, and how to remove their negative effects from our system using self-healing techniques.

As we take a daily shower to clean our physical body, we also need to take care of our thoughts and emotions. All those negative thoughts, emotions, memories and programming need to removed from our aura; and it is not a one-time process, as it happens in life over and over again.

One of the best self-healing methods is Pranic Healing. With Pranic Healing and especially Pranic Psychotherapy, you can easily identify the negative energies, thoughts and emotions and carefully remove them from your aura and your chakras. The effect is a clean and bright aura, positive emotions and peaceful mind.

To feel love, remove anger and resentment from your system and activate you Heart. The result can be experienced as fast as in the first session itself!

Do Charity Work, Offer A Helping Hand

Helping others not only fills you tremendously with the energies of love and care, but also helps you to have a more realistic view towards life.

When you see people, who are in need of food, care and love, your problems will not seem as big as before.

If you look at life as a playing ground full of moments of happiness and pain, and if you look at difficulties as opportunities to learn and evolve, you won’t get frustrated and hopeless in the midst of problems, but filled with strength and determination. Having a more positive attitude helps you fall in love with life, regardless of its difficulties, and fall in love with people even the ones you don’t know.

Doing charity work, activates your Heart center and as a result, your Crown also gets activated. When your Crown is active, you will experience love in a wider scale. Love will not be restricted to a small group of people like your family and close friends, but will be extended to the love for the whole world. That is when you can say I am a true being of love!

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