A Being of Divine Love

A Being of Divine Love
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

“Love is absence of judgment…”
Dalai Lama

In its truest form, Divine Love is unconditional love. It is something which is read, and talked about a lot, but is mostly expressed with greatest ease by children. They just are, and accept everything around them, good or bad, totally without any reservations.

Children do not come with any preconceived notions of how a parent or a sibling or a family member should act. They accept the love and nurturing, if offered. They even accept neglect and anger just as easily. The difference is just that if they get the greatest gift of unconditional love, they grow with self acceptance and a good self image. If for example a child accidentally breaks a toy, his first reaction is of surprise and disappointment of losing the toy. If the initial reaction of the parent is to help the child clean up the mess and explain to him in a calm manner his mistake, he will probably understand the consequences of his actions, and will be careful in the future. If the reaction is fury and a severe reprimand, then the reaction of the child will be fear. Too many reproaches and the child will eventually rebel.

To love unconditionally others, first you have to be in a zone of peace within yourself. Accept yourself, your past, your strengths, your weaknesses, your achievements, your failures, your blunders, your actions and inactions with complete equanimity. As if you are a dispassionate observer from outside looking at a wonderful alien creature with all its beauty and quirks. When you look at a wild animal who is in the process of killing a prey do you think it is evil? No, you think it is its nature! Similarly do not put any label on any of your action; “good” or “bad”. Accept them just as they are.

Place no judgment on your thoughts and actions, past or present. Know that your purpose here on earth is to learn lessons so you may evolve, and not to consider yourself as good or bad. One of the best ways to achieve this is through regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Feel unconditional divine love for your own self, and see the effect it has, on calming everyone around you.

There is a distinction between unconditional divine love, and acceptance and blind love. If someone close to you is behaving in a hurtful, nasty, insulting manner, divine love accepts their behaviour without agreeing with them at all. Divine love for your own self will deflect their jabs, abuse and insults without causing a dent in your armour.

Just accept the person and love them with all their faults.

All this, is easier said than done, but with constant practice and doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts, which raises yourself awareness to the higher planes, it is possible. It will bring limitless joy and childlike happiness to you, which is indescribable. The more you love, the more comfortably you’ll fit in with all sorts of people. Ultimately, situations that once brought on horrendous negativity and hostile attacks, which once appeared to you as utterly unworkable puzzles, may end up, barely fazing you at all.

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