A Healthy Relationship

A Healthy Relationship
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

Meditation is being at home with yourself!

When was the last time that you trusted someone and you were betrayed; that you tried to care and received nothing in return; or that you tried to reach out and you were rejected? That was possibly the time when you were emotionally devastated. Your self-esteem was so low that you felt you did not have anything precious in life left. You were sure you are not worthy to have friends or lovers anymore. We are told to count our blessings and to consider everything and everyone as a blessing. It is true that everyone who comes into our life teaches a lesson but we can choose our teachers. Choose teachers who nurture instead of those who torture. It is not fair to stay in a relationship where you are not at home. That would be a very unhealthy relationship where you will be continually hurt. Instead of becoming a better person, you can become more and more alienated from yourself. It is not also wise to cut relationship with hate in your heart. Before you cut any relationship, be sure that you bless and heal the other person so that God through his angels will put him/her to his/her divinely appointed place.

Let us go back to our intention in entering a relationship. It is common to look at what we have before we get involved in a relationship. We feel insecure in approaching people if we do not have a beautiful dress, an expensive jewelry, a big new house, a classy car, or a diploma from a prestigious school. In the same way, we try to qualify the people we want to be our friends or lovers. We require certain qualifications before we enter into a relationship. We oftentimes enter a relationship with the intention of having friends, having somebody to love, having something to do or just having something. If we are lucky, we might really get what we want but deep in our hearts, we might feel emptiness in being with them not because of them but because of our wrong intention.

Everybody will fall short of our expectations if we focus on what they have and match them with what we have. Healthy relationship is not formed because of what others have or of their qualifications. It is not also because of what we have. It is not a state of having. It is a state of being. It is first of all awareness of who you really are. How well you know who you are will define the people that would come into your life. Be the person you want to meet. If you want to meet a lovable person, be lovable. If you want to meet an understanding person, be understanding. If you want to meet a balanced person, be balanced, and so on. It is therefore necessary for you to lift your consciousness to a higher form of awareness—an awareness of your divine attributes. Understanding your soul faculties will increase your self-esteem to a new high that will bring about internal balance. It is when you achieved this balance that you can attract people who are in the same state of consciousness. These are the people who wish you happiness, good health, success, abundance, expanded spirituality, spiritual bliss and all the good things in life. This point in your life is the best time to enter a relationship because then the possibility of being in a healthy relationship is high.

There are many ways to reach this expanded spiritual awareness. So far the most used spiritual tool is meditation. Meditation is being at home with yourself. Literally, it is a medication while being stationary or healing while being still. You can heal your woundedness because of previous unhealthy relationships. When the wounds are healed, you can start over again and build a relationship that will last. Then you can nurture that relationship in a more understanding and in a richer way.

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