A Personal Experience

A Personal Experience
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

For more than ten years Pranic Healing is an integral part of my life as well as my family life. If we have health issues, usually Pranic Healing is the one method used to have faster healing.

The issues which happened just within the last two weeks have shown me again, how efficient Pranic Healing is to heal faster and easier, whatever the health issue is. Sometimes I ask myself, how would my life and the life of my family members be if I hadn’t come across Pranic Healing? I would like to share how Pranic Healing works with my personal experiences of the last two weeks:

Well the start of the year for our family wasn’t as wished…. In the evening of New Year’s Eve our daughter had high fever, a cold together with earache and she wasn’t feeling well at all. So we didn’t have much sleep, I treated her with Pranic Healing about every two to three hours as mainly the earache was really acute. As a consequence we cancelled our one-day ski trip and stayed home and further Pranic Healing treatments was applied. Two days later she was in good shape again…

In the same week she had to go to the dentist and have a tooth filling. She was fearing the filling as last time she had needed a shot which had caused her pain for more than one week. In discussion with the dentist, she didn’t want another shot and we agreed that the dentist did the tooth filling while I treated and anesthetized the tooth with Pranic Healing. At the end of the filling the dentist- a really scientific person I know for many, many years- was amazed with the effects of the Pranic Healing treatment as he had to drill deeper than he had planned and there was no pain reaction from my daughter. My daughter was more than happy with the dentist’s and my work: There wasn’t any pain even some hours or days after.

Still in the first week of January I fell down the stairs and hit several times the coccyx. Standing up, I thought more or less everything was all right. Still being aware of possible consequences, I took my day afterwards a bit calmer and asked a colleague for Pranic Healing treatments. On the second day I discovered dizziness and extreme fatigue. So I went to see a doctor (mainly to assure insurance would pay if needed as of possible consequences of this fall) He diagnosed a whiplash being the cause for my dizziness and extreme fatigue. So I cancelled all my meetings for the following days, got really some rest and got two osteopath treatments to adjust the spine as well as several Pranic Healing treatments by my colleagues. Thanks to Pranic Healing (it really works) I never needed pain killers, muscle relaxing drugs and was back to work after only one week. After 2-3 days I was capable of treating myself as well as a friend of the family who had had an accident.

Now, all of the family members are fine again… so I’m happy to know and practice a method, which does work and increase our health, but I’m happier now that all these incidents are over and we are all in good shape again. From my really personal experience of the last two weeks I can assure you- YES, PRANIC HEALING DOES WORK!

Of course in my career as therapist there are more spectacular healings as the healing of a 4-fractured head of the upper arm in order that an operation and an artificial joint was not necessary or the healing of lumbago so that after the treatment the client was able to walk and even carried weight. There is as well the case of a man who had a melanoma in the eye and besides having radiation underwent Pranic Healing treatments which helped him cure the pain in the eye and on a long-term-run cancer didn’t show up on another spot of the body. These cases and their healing were great and I’m thankful for these. But I’m grateful to know and practice Pranic Healing myself to have the tools in my hands to help myself, my family members and clients to help increase their health as well as apply the methods in other fields of the life. YES, PRANIC HEALING DOES WORK!

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