Dealing with Repeated Patterns

Dealing with Repeated Patterns
September 13, 2022 Beyond The Mind

Have you ever wondered why certain patterns in your life keep getting repeated? – from dating the same kind of person that ends in a breakup to having a boss with similar qualities and shortcomings.

And sometimes you wonder: “Why I keep attracting this situation over and over again?”

To stop such patterns, first we need to understand the reason behind their recurrence… and to do that, we need to understand the purpose behind life!

We are all here, incarnated in this world, to learn and to grow! The whole purpose of life is evolution and growth.

Life can be compared to a training ground, to a school. Every year we learn new set of knowledge and skills, and to make sure we have learned enough to move on, we need to take exams.

Exams in life, are the difficult situations and challenges we keep facing.

If we pass the exam, we move on, but if we fail, we need to retake the exam. But there is a difference between the life challenges and our exams at school.

Usually if there is a lesson that needs to be learned, it first appears in our life as warnings. If we are smart, we will get the message, apply necessary changes, learn and move on… The problem starts when we don’t respond to whispers and warnings – either we are too busy and don’t have enough awareness to get the message or we simply don’t want to see and follow. In this case, universe should make it louder, bolder and eventually so big that we don’t have any other choice than to see it, accept it and learn from it.

But the good news is, when the lesson is learned, the situation often improves instantly.

This concept is connected with the Law of Karma.

“The Law of Karma is closely tied to the Law of Evolution. It is evolutionary in its effects!”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Therefore, good and bad experiences in our lives, are all ultimately good, they are all necessary for our growth.

But you may still think, there should be a way to make it easier!

Well, there is.

What if we are more aware and mindful and what if we learn the lessons before they become a challenge in life?

We can look at these lessons from the point of view of Virtues versus Vices!

In Pranic Healing system, Master Choa Kok Sui calls it Character Building, dividing them into 5 sets of dos and don’ts, virtues and vices, yang vs. yin.

The 5 Virtues are:

  • Loving-Kindness and Non-Injury
  • Generosity and Non-Stealing
  • Honesty and Non-Lying / Accurate Perception and Correct Expression
  • Constancy of Aim and Effort and Non-Laziness
  • Moderation and Non-Excessiveness

These 5 virtues, are connected with the Love, Light and Power aspects of God respectively.

Having this knowledge, if we look carefully into our lives, we will be able to categorize the negative repeated patterns into one or few of these categories which makes it much easier to learn and therefore stop the pattern.

The first element needed for growth, is awareness, as without awareness change is impossible. Therefore, identifying the patterns and recognizing their cause is of utmost importance.

Another important matter is to consider every situation from all levels, including physically, emotionally and mentally.

Let’s take the example of someone who complains from getting sick or having accidents frequently. Clearly this repeated pattern is connected with “Injury” and therefore get categorized under the virtue of “Loving-Kindness and Non-Injury,” which means the lesson to learn is Loving-Kindness and what needs to be avoided is Injury.

Now this person may say, “but I have never hurt anyone physically!” We need to remember that injury can be done through thoughts, words and actions. Sometimes the injury is done through excessive criticism, or malicious feelings. Thoughts and emotions materialize physically!

Accomplishing the above task requires deeper inspection and greater degree of honesty with ourselves, to be able to identify the patterns properly and carefully eradicate them. Evolution needs time, effort and lots of mistakes, but if we are determined, we can accelerate it.

Another example is in relation to relationships. There are many people who are looking for stability and happiness in their relationships. Sometimes they feel unappreciated or unloved. Besides Loving-Kindness, this can be connected to the virtue of Generosity and Non-Stealing. If we want love, we need to give love. We can’t deprive our partner from loving words, thoughts and deeds and expect them to love us back. We can start by appreciating our partners and expressing gratitude towards them. This can be done mentally, verbally and also through actions. This is a very good way of making an existing relationship loving and fulfilling.

For the people who are on the Arhatic Yoga path, the journey is easier. Since through Purification and Meditation techniques, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, we are constantly practicing inner reflection and firm resolution. We are getting trained to uproot the unwholesome actions and behaviors before they become a challenge in our life. And we are constantly getting prepared to deal with any shortcoming properly, using simple techniques.

The whole purpose is evolution, but we have a choice to learn using an easy way or the hard way… to learn from a spiritual teacher, or to learn from life! The choice is always ours…


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