Different Levels of a Relationship

Different Levels of a Relationship
May 30, 2021 Admin IIS

Born in a family and raised in a society, we all interact with many people everyday throughout our lives. We meet coworkers as well as opponents, friends as well as competitors and in the journey of life, we fall in love and get heartbroken over and over again. That makes us unique –having the ability to interact with others, sharing what we have and learning from one another.

In the process of learning, growing, and evolving, we communicate with different people to meet our numerous needs and that leaves us with various types of relationships, some happening on lower levels and some on higher levels, some harmonious and some just not!

Having various chakras with physical as well as psychological functions, we are multidimensional beings who can perform in various levels from merely physical to emotional, mental, or even spiritual. We might just consider the physical needs, or we can ascend higher and consider the needs of the soul and that happens when one sees no separation between himself and others.

The basic relationships, happen due to a necessity and in view of obtaining certain physical needs. Merely sexual relationships are among this type. In such relationships, the consciousness is mostly on the lower chakras and the relationship just exists to answer the needs of the body. However, even sexual relationship can be transcended, if it gets spiritualized; this happens when one recognizes the divinity in his/her beloved before interaction.

Some other relationships take place to achieve a position or accomplish a task. Professional relationships, normally, are categorized here. In this category, still, the level of interaction is from a lower level and mainly influenced by the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the “I center.” Although being operated from lower levels, such relationships are necessary for survival! In fact, we need all kinds of relationships to have a balanced life.

“When you have developed your Solar plexus, you do something because you are paid to do it. When you have developed your Heart, you do Service. Both are important because you must live a balanced life. The Law of Nature requires Balance.” Master Choa Kok Sui

When the Heart chakra opens, on the other hand, one feels the need to love and to be loved. Here the reason for relationship is more selfless, as this kind of relationship requires lots of forgiveness and sacrifice.

“Where there is a lot of Love, the rate of vibration increases!

Do you know why you have children? It is so you can develop your heart. Children tend to ask, ask and ask. As a parent, you just give, give and give.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Although such relationships are sacred and refined, there are still other types of relationships that happen on an even higher levels.

The highest level in a relationship occurs when the Crown chakra gets activated and the person starts to experience Divine Love. This happens when one experiences a certain degree of oneness with all and oneness with God, and others are looked at as a soul, not as a body. When this degree is achieved in any relationship, the nationality, the look and the color of skin matters no more.

In fact, one of the keys to achieve harmony in relationships and achieve world peace is to raise the consciousness, and to look at people from the soul level, which gives us the ability to focus more on unity than separation, and more on similarities than differences.

“Love is the food that will make your Soul grow. By Loving deeply, you may become One with your beloved and One with All.” Master Choa Kok Sui


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