Heart Chakra, A Key to Prosperity

Heart Chakra, A Key to Prosperity
February 25, 2021 Admin IIS

The key is in your heart.

In order to reveal the connection of the Heart chakra to prosperity, let’s first talk about chakras!

Coming from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, chakras are whirling energy centers that play vital roles in proper functioning of our physical body. They also affect the way we interact with others, respond to situations and generally behave!

Chakras are located in the energy body and their job is to provide energy for the physical organs to function at their optimum level and to expel used-up energies back into the surrounding.

Psychologically, chakras affect our character! They are the main reason why different people behave differently; why some are active, some creative, some loving, and some smart!

Chakras also affect our success level as their condition decide what energies, people and situations we attract in life.

Thus to attract prosperity, earn more, have a stable financial situation and become successful in business, besides intelligent hard physical work, we need to take care of our chakras.

There are many chakras in fact that affect our financial situation and stability; some directly and some indirectly!

Heart Chakra is one of them … Though most people with some knowledge about energy and chakras, correspond prosperity with the Basic chakra, Heart chakra is also one of the chakras that affect our prosperity level in a subtle indirect way.

Heart chakra is the Center for higher emotions such as love, peace and compassion. It is also called ‘other’s center,’ in terms of helping other people and caring for them.

However, in the Lord’s Prayer, Master Choa Kok Sui unveils the verse connected to the Heart Chakra to be “Thy Kingdom Come!”

Though Heart Chakra could have easily been associated with love, sweetness, compassion and tolerance, why Kingdom?!

Because, the secret is in the Heart!

The secret is in the Law of Karma; the Law of Cause and Effect! It is in giving that we receive…

To be prosperous, we must be entitled! That’s how it works.

“You can not harvest what you did not sow!” Master Choa Kok Sui

One’s Basic chakra might be strong, he/she might be hardworking, he/she might be intelligent, but not entitled to be prosperous. You probably have seen people that despite working 8 to 10 hours a day and being smart, don’t have an abundant life.

So based on the Law of Karma, if we want to be prosperous, we need to be willing to give; we need to be generous; and generosity is connected with the Heart Chakra.

Generosity in terms of giving and sharing 10% of our income to charitable organizations and spiritual foundations can help us generate the good karma of prosperity. As we give generously and abundantly, we will be entitled to harvest prosperity.

Besides being generous, we must also avoid generating negative karma of poverty by abstaining from stealing and enviousness.

Without Tithing there is less abundance and less Spiritual Growth. You must give in proportion to what you want to receive.

Master Choa Kok Sui

When the Heart Chakra develops, sharing will be so natural that you don’t even think about karma, 10% and entitlement! You just give, because you love giving and sharing; because it is in your nature to give!

And eventually you don’t just help and serve people you know, but even strangers, other countries and the whole world!

Well said by Master Choa Kok Sui, a developed Heart Chakra is the manifestation of the verse “Thy Kingdom Come,” for, a person with a developed Heart, who gives and shares, will become entitled to own a kingdom!


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