Love Is Where It All Begins

Love Is Where It All Begins
February 25, 2021 Admin IIS

“Love is the food that will make your Soul grow.” Master Choa Kok Sui

You have probably heard many people say that “love is the key,” but have you ever wondered why?!

The purpose of the key, is to open doors and gateways. So what gateway can love open?!

The gateway that was and continues to be very significant for human from ancient days till now is the gateway between man and God. Many teachers have come, many religions have risen and many teachings have been practiced to allow man rise higher and communicate with the above.

Teachers might be different, but the teachings have been the same!

They have all come with one single purpose and love is where it all begins…

To achieve the higher levels of consciousness, to be one with God and one with all, the “universal love center” has to be sufficiently activated. This is also known as the Crown Chakra!

However, opening and activating the crown chakra has a secret.

The secret is in the Heart!

Without opening the heart chakra, activating the crown is almost impossible. Love is the substance that opens the heart. By loving deeply, one can unite with his/her beloved and become one with all.

“Love is the food that will make your Soul grow.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Peace, stillness, happiness, good luck, sensitivity, greater health and intuition are all the positive side effects; all come from an activated heart chakra.

For everything there is a hard way and an easy way; a long way and a shortcut.
The hard way is to open the heart through life challenges, which also may take very long.

Being tested again and again, being treated good and bad until you learn to love, forgive and continue loving.

There are also easy but long ways like Hatha Yoga, breathing exercises and chanting mantras. They are quite effective in activating the heart and the crown, but not fast enough.

So what is the shortcut?!

Simple… you need a meditation to activate the heart & the crown simultaneously!

We call it the Meditation on Twin Hearts…

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