Me and My Relationships

Me and My Relationships
February 21, 2021 Admin IIS

What makes up “me”?

A body that eats, rests, works, hears, smells and tastes,
An emotional body that likes, dislikes, loves and feels,
A mental body that thinks, analyses, judges and remembers,
And a soul that evolves and transcends!
All these bodies have needs, and providing the needs is not achievable alone!

Here come our relationships, each working on a different level to answer a number of our needs, as a body and as a soul.

In Pranic Healing human is being discussed as a multidimensional being, with various bodies and various chakras, each having certain physical, psychological and spiritual functions. The lower the chakra, the grosser the energy and the higher the chakra, the more refined it becomes.

Being a multidimensional being brings about various levels of communications and interaction with other people, starting from selfish lower levels, to selfless, from merely physical to more spiritual.

Some relationships are obligatory such as the parents and relatives and some voluntary such as friends. Whether fixed or changeable, there is a lesson in each relationship and an answer to a need.

The basic relationships in this case happen to answer the needs of the lower chakras such as sex. Merely sexual relationships are among this type. In this kind of relationships the consciousness is mostly on the lower levels and lower chakras, and the relationship is just to answer the needs of the body.

Some other relationships take place to achieve a position or accomplish a task. Professional relationships are normally categorized here. In this category still the level of interaction is from a lower level and mainly influenced by the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the “I center.” Although being operated from lower levels, such relationships are necessary for survival!

Once the Heart chakra starts to open however and the consciousness rises higher, one feels the need to love and to be loved. Here the reason for relationship transcends from being merely selfish, to address the needs of others as well, as these kinds of relationships require lots of forgiveness and sacrifice and the result is transcending the emotions from lower levels to more positive and refined.

Although such relationships are sacred and refined there are still other relationships that happen on higher levels.

The highest level in relationships attains when the Crown chakra gets activated and the person starts to experience divine love. When there is a degree of oneness with all and with God and others are looked at as the soul, not the body. Once this degree is achieved in any relationship, the nationality, the look and the color of skin, matters no more.

In fact one of the keys to achieve harmony in relationships and achieve world peace is to raise the consciousness and to look at people from the soul level.

Whether a relationship is in a lower level or higher level, to address the body, or the soul, there is a lesson in each relationship that helps us grow. The key is to understand the nature of our relationships and how they can help us grow.

In fact a strong and healthy relationship is one of the best supports in life. As a good relationship can improve all the aspects of life and bring good health, happiness and peace of mind, an inharmonious relationship can also be a tremendous drain. Therefore it is necessary to take care of our relationships and look at them as an investment to achieve greater happiness in life.



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