On Karma – Path to Self Mastery

On Karma – Path to Self Mastery
February 21, 2021 Admin IIS

As Master Choa Kok Sui teaches, “Life is like an echo! When you give something, it comes back to you many, many times.”

What do you send out? When you Smile, someone Smiles back at you. What you give to others is what you receive. The Law of Karma is like the Law of Gravity. It is exact! All you have to do is follow the Law and the Law will take care of you.

So ask yourself – what is the life you are living? Are you happy? Are you prosperous? Do your wishes come true? The secret is to plant the right seeds. Just think of what you want and remember that you can’t harvest something whose seeds you didn’t sow. If you want to be loved, start by being loving towards others. Be kind in your actions and nurturing in your words. If you want to be helped in times of crisis, go out and help people. And if you want prosperity, be generous.

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