Pranic Healing as A Career

Pranic Healing as A Career
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

Our goal should be to popularize the practice of Pranic Healing…

Colleges and institutions across the globe that offer studies in Allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy and other form of healing modalities are successful and in fact have a great demand for admissions that offer these courses, because the students who pass out from these institutions are absorbed by hospitals, clinics and healing centers, on well-paid employment. Those who start of on their own, also find it very lucrative to follow a career in health care. These institutions are forced to expand the intake of students due to the very high demand for such studies and courses.

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing as a modern modality that provides solutions for treating physical and emotional ailments was developed in 1987. Since then, the work has spread globally through the hard work put in, by the founder and His senior disciples. The unfortunate part of the spread of Pranic Healing is, very few students who pass out, practice this super effective healing technique. They do not see Pranic Healing as a career option and hence are hesitant to take up this healing modality seriously. Those who have taken up Pranic Healing as a career including yours faithfully, are willing to vouch for not only the effectiveness of the healing system but the ability of this system to heal the most difficult of physical, emotional and psychiatric cases. The monies earned through taking up Pranic Healing as a career option, is the remuneration one earns, is as good as what a successful medical doctor or Senior Corporate executive would earn, apart from of-course the satisfaction of having helped somebody to live a healthy life.

To make a success of any career calls for dedication and discipline. To become a successful Pranic Healing Practitioner these two qualities are a must. Pranic Healers are using energy to heal, wether it be Prana or Divine Energy; and to be able to draw this energy in large quantities, we need to develop reasonably big chakras and reasonably well developed spiritual chord. To be able to develop your chakras and your spiritual chord, MCKS has given us ample techniques incorporated into our Arhatic Yoga practices. If you wish to take up Pranic Healing as your career option, you need to devote time to personal development in terms of meditations, study and character building. After all the energy passes through you and one needs to be a reasonably clean channel for these energies.

When a patient comes to you for healing, naturally he or she is looking for results. Within the half or full hour of healing, they expect a feeling of wellness and reduction of the symptoms. Remember your patient is your best source of advertisement. Advertisements do not bring in patients, it is the patient who brings in other patients. They are the ones who help you develop your credibility and your business. Your first effort should be the best. Most patients have severe psychological issues which is the underlying cause of their physical ailment. When you start with Psychotherapy, the patient experiences a feeling of wellness, this will allow the patient to repose their trust in you. Once you have established a credibility in your city as a good healer, you will have difficulty handling the flow of patients who look forward to being healed by you. Packed Schedule!

When we have many practicing Pranic Healers and Pranic Healing clinics across the globe, we are indirectly helping our Guru to spread the teachings. Remember when patients experience the healing they are intrigued and wanting to learn this art. When more and more Pranic Healers take up Pranic Healing as a career there will be a surge in demand to learn Pranic Healing. We should take inspiration from our Guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, who was an embodiment of His Teachings. He was a Master Healer, amazing Teacher, A Soul Realized Master and a fantastic Human Being. Should we not aspire to be at least a small part of what He was?

Our goal should be to popularize the practice of Pranic Healing so that the medical fraternity takes notice of this amazing system and agree to accept this study as a part of Medical Curriculum. When that happens, imagine the consequences on the society. A medicine free world, a society that understands the existence of other subtle bodies, a society capable of naturally using this knowledge to grow spiritually. A society who learns to love regardless of religion, color or creed through the transformative effect of the five pillars of Arhatic Yoga and the five virtues. When this happens, we can very confidently expect the aspirations of our Guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, to materialize. So be it. What are we waiting for?

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