The Science of Setting Goals

The Science of Setting Goals
October 14, 2023 Beyond The Mind

The Science of Setting Goals

Based on the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, it is important to have goals in life. Goals give our life direction and help us achieve greater degrees of success.

Goal setting is a science and it is believed that we need to set goals in four crucial areas of our lives. These four areas are financial, relationships, self-development, and spiritual. But why these specific four? The answer lies in our understanding of the human energetic anatomy. Beyond our physical body, we possess emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, each of which requires sustenance to thrive.

The physical aspect

Since our physical body needs nourishment from the food we consume daily, our financial goals become essential. Money is the means by which we provide for our physical well-being. Without it, our physical body would become malnourished, eventually leading to weakness and decline.

The emotional aspect

The same principle applies to our emotional body, which thrives on positive emotions, with love being paramount. To maintain a healthy emotional state, harmonious relationships are crucial. We are inherently designed to love and be loved, and nurturing this aspect of our lives is vital for our emotional well-being.

The mental aspect

Our mental body, which is responsible for processing thoughts and information, requires continuous learning and mental exercise. Neglecting it can result in various issues, from forgetfulness to more severe cognitive problems. Therefore, self-development, including acquiring new skills and knowledge, is the third fundamental goal.

The spiritual aspect

Lastly, our spiritual body, often overlooked, relies on spiritual energy for nourishment. Depriving it of this energy can lead to feelings of emptiness, purposelessness, and depression. To feed our spiritual body, activities such as meditation, character building, and service to humanity are essential.

Balancing all aspects

When all these bodies are well-nourished and in harmony, we attain true happiness and balance in our lives. Weakness or neglect in any one area can lead to suffering. By setting goals in these four dimensions—financial, relationships, self-development, and spiritual—we create a roadmap to a fulfilled and content life, ensuring that all aspects of our being are nourished and flourishing.

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