The Soul is Immortal

The Soul is Immortal
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

On the 4th of October 2014 I was informed that my ailing mother’s soul had left her physical body at 9:20 pm India time. It was expected, and I had been praying that my mother be emancipated from her pain sorrow and suffering. I immediately made arrangements for my wife and myself to fly out by the 5th early morning flight to an airport closest to where my mother lived. It was Eid Al Adha holidays in the Middle East and getting a seat at short notice was something very difficult, but as luck would have it, I managed to get seats on the first flight out of Dubai. Fellow Pranic Healers on receiving the news offered to drop me to the airport at midnight. To their utter surprise they found me calm and composed and instead of being emotional, laughing and joking with them. They were surprised at my emotional state when I have lost the most precious person in my life.

When I reached home I was welcomed by teary eyed siblings, friends and relatives. The body of my mother was encased in a refrigerated glass coffin decked with flowers. I continued to maintain my composure knowing very well that it was just the body that was occupied by the soul who was my mother. The people around, were surprised and probably wondered if I had a heart and any sense of compassion in me. My youngest brother arrived only on the evening of the 5th, by which time it was too late to take the body for cremation. Eventually the time and date for cremation was fixed for the morning of the 6th.

The body of my mother was scheduled to be taken for cremation at 10 am. At 8:10 am with the siblings, friends and relatives around the body I started the Chanting of OM Mani Padme Hum to ensure that the soul of my mother moved on to the Astral World in peace. This I had explained to those who were present there. A few of those present joined me in the chanting. I continued the chants until 8:30 am. My younger brother took courage and along with his son, did some mantra recitation. This was followed by a group of friends of my mother’s spiritual affiliates who rendered some soul stirring mantras. This was followed by Mantra recitation by priests from a nearby temple. At exactly 10:00 am the body of my mother was carried out of the house for the last time on the shoulders of the five sons she bore. There was a lot of crying and wailing; I remain unmoved. The body was taken out of the hearse and kept on a pile of wood followed by certain Vedic traditions done by the eldest brother around the body followed by the rest of the siblings after which, the body, which was ensouled, by the spirit of my mother, was consigned to the flames.

Throughout these traumatic times I remained totally composed in the knowledge that with physical death, the soul of my mother, has moved on into the Astral world from where her incarnated soul would get further purified and experience Astral death after which, in time, her Incarnated Soul would give up the lower mental vehicle and would finally merge with her Higher Soul and wait for the opportune time to get embodied again.


As a healer, I have had patients who have been traumatized by the death of a loved one so much so that they slip into depression! These and other psychological and physical problems caused by this trauma can be avoided by gaining knowledge of this science through The Pranic Healing school.

When our physical body sleeps at night, our incarnated soul moves into the Astral World. (To know more about it kindly refer to Master Choa Kok Sui’s Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul book.) under the circumstances we have an opportunity to meet and communicate with our loved ones who have moved on. All you have to do before you go to sleep, is to have an intense desire to meet that specific person. You can even ask for the blessings of God and Guru to help you. When you know this is possible the trauma of having lost your loved one remains at most just a figment of your imagination.

Knowing all this, and with the knowledge given to us by our beloved and revered Guru, Master Choa Kok Sui, through His teachings Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul, we, his chelas remain at peace knowing fully well that our souls do not die; instead we should use our physical life, to purify our soul through regular Arhatic practices and achieve Soul Realization or Arhatship meaning complete Union of the incarnated soul with the higher soul while we are here in our physical vehicle. This is the birthright of all humans.

So be it!

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