The Tones of Music

The Tones of Music
April 8, 2021 Admin IIS

This session is about practical understanding of the tones of music. Dr Prashant will take us through the tones and their connection to the chakras.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Prashant is a gifted speaker, teacher & a musician and has been practicing & teaching Pranic Healing for the last 14 years. He got his tutelage in music very early in his life at the age of four which became a passion & profession. Being a performing vocalist in Indian classical music, he has performed in various concerts, given lecture demonstrations & workshops in India & Europe.

Because of his acute skills of observation, a profound focus to tradition & aesthetics, he also became an examiner for music & a music critique in many music & dance circles. Being a doctor allowed him to understand the body and its nature while simultaneously gaining deep insights on energy healing.

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