What’s Love Got to Do?

What’s Love Got to Do?
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

EVERYTHING! And… did you know that you actually have two love or heart centers?
Let me explain through this simple story …

Recently, I was driving home from the downtown area and a huge storm began. The downpour of rain appeared like a blanket covering the windshield. Very quickly, road visibility became zero. We could not even see the car in front of us. So fast thinking, we got off the freeway and took the only available exit. Since the area ahead of us was already starting to flood, we had to do something or we could have become stranded! Fortunately, we arrived safely at a nearby mall, which had covered parking, restaurants, and places to wait out the storm.

HOWEVER, due to the accumulation of rain, by the time we left the parking garage, the roads exiting the mall area looked like parking lots. We finally managed to get home relatively safely. However, the usual 20-minute trip from downtown turned into a 3-hour journey.

When we left the mall and realized the roads were crammed with unmoving vehicles, there were not many options available: go back to the mall and wait for who knows how long, OR get right in the middle of the traffic jam and HOPE the traffic will lighten up. When I finally relaxed and admitted the situation was not going to change immediately, I went into self-reflection mode asking myself: “Why had this happened? What was I supposed to learn from this experience?”

Because of the grounding effect of self-reflection, my attention switched from internal stress to external observation. Watching the coping skills of people in adjacent vehicles… texting and talking on phones, probably updating their family and friends about being stranded in traffic, but OK, despite the horrendous storm.

Some people had even abandoned their transportation and were attempting to make their way on foot. However, wading through the dirty water was neither pleasant nor easy because of the deep holes and curbs concealed by the water.

Realizing all the people and traffic were trying to move, yet BLOCKED reminded me of my training in Energy, through the teachings of Pranic Healing.

What we learn is the natural state of energy is to flow. That any lack of flow caused by a blockage will result in congestion and clogging of the energy. Applying this analogy to our physical health, clogged arteries in the body cause disease. Clogged drainage systems in the environment cause pollution. Clogged traffic in the city causes STRESS and dis-ease to travellers, vehicles, roads, cities, countries, and Mother Earth!

I recalled within the recent months, there had been many floods and many traffic jams as a result many causes for stress. So how can we cope with frequent causes of ‘energy’ congestion or CRISIS?

Referring again to Pranic Healing, if people continually experience ‘dis-eased’ states caused by something even as commonplace as traffic congestion, the eventual result could be some form of crisis … HEALTH crisis due to stress, fear, anxiety or even contamination from the dirty water; RELATIONSHIP problems with family or bosses for being late to work, missing appointments; FINANCIAL challenges due to damaged cars, or less pay for not being able to work; or even SPIRITUAL crisis when feelings of loneliness, emptiness, or abandonment occur: “Where is God when I need him?”

That’s when the title of the 1984 song by Tina Turner came to my mind.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Pranic Healing explains that LOVE originates from two heart centers in the body. One is the true Heart Center, which involves love for family, friends and those close to you … HUMAN LOVE. The other is from the Crown Center at the top of the head, responsible for a higher form of LOVE, the love for humanity … DIVINE LOVE.

While watching a mother cross the flooded streets holding her child high to keep him from falling into the dirty water, I was witnessing HUMAN LOVE … the natural protection and care a mother has for her child.

In addition, other examples came to my attention as I watched strangers helping strangers, many forms of assistance were happening all around. I was witnessing people acting out of … DIVINE LOVE.

The answer to ‘What Love Has to Do With It?’ is found in this quote:

“To love is to provide. To provide is to preserve.”
Master Choa Kok Sui

Everything and everyone will be provided for and preserved when we learn to love from both centers: human love and divine love.

So you’re wondering how to activate these love centers? One way is to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a powerful meditation with many benefits to the meditator, the family, and the world. This meditation enhances well being at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels through the activation of both heart centers. Also, through the blessing of Mother Earth, the vibration of the world is raised to help expand the consciousness of humanity. Even your good luck increases!

“Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the most powerful meditation tools for spiritual development. It is a true gift from the Great Ones.”
Master Choa Kok Sui

So check out a Pranic Healing Center center near you and participate in a daily or weekly practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts!

Then you will know, feel, and personally experience … WHAT LOVE HAS TO DO WITH IT!

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