You Need to Love Yourself

You Need to Love Yourself
June 2, 2021 Admin IIS

Loving oneself is one of the basic requirements to enjoy life and get the best out of it. Love is the main substance that affects all our activities in life; our relationships, our work, our achievements, and our future.

If you love yourself and accept who you are with all your weaknesses and strengths, you also gain the ability to love other people and respect them for who they are. It helps you to shift your consciousness from constantly criticizing to accepting and embracing yourself and others.
One of the most common causes of psychological problems, insecurity, and low self-esteem, in fact, is lack of love.

Most people don’t know how to love themselves! Some even don’t know what it means to love yourself. Loving oneself is often being confused with selfishness.

To love yourself truly, means to embrace all your qualities, good points as well as the shortcomings and to realize that you are as important as others.

“Love is the food that will make your Soul grow.”
Master Choa Kok Sui

You cannot expect other people to make you feel loved, if you are constantly abandoning, criticizing, and sabotaging yourself. When you start respecting and trusting yourself and taking responsibility for your own life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you will begin to feel loved and lovable. You will begin to trust yourself and value your being.

When you love yourself, you will be filled with warmness and love; your heart chakra will get activated and you will feel secure and happy. When you are filled with love, you will be in the position to share it with others, and sharing love is one the most fulfilling experiences in life.

Loving and accepting your true nature also gives you the ability to be humble and honest to yourself, and self-honesty is one of the most important factors needed for self-growth.

“By being high, you become low and by being low, you become high. By being humble, you become high.”
Master Choa Kok Sui

If you constantly think that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be loved, and that loving yourself is being selfish, then you seriously need to consider changing your attitude as this might become dangerous to your life and happiness. This is often one of the causes of depression!

Many people who don’t see any value and happiness in life are the ones who never do things just because they love doing it. They often care about what other people think and feel, to the extent that they tend to neglect the fact that they are important too. If people start loving themselves, others’ comments, opinions, and recognitions won’t be that important for them anymore. They will do things just because it feels right doing.

For example, when you love yourself, you help a friend because you love doing it. However, without self-love, you may help a friend to make him/her love you back. So sometimes you may end up doing things that brings appreciation of others, but not feel right.

In order to love yourself and feel worthy and confident, you need to look at yourself with more awareness, love, and patience, and you need to realize that no one is perfect.

Everyone is evolving and evolution requires time, process, and mistakes.

You actually need to learn from your mistakes instead of whining over them.

You also need to realize that you are a being of love, light, and power. You are made in the image and likeness of God. You may not see your inner beauty; you may hide it from others, but you cannot destroy it. It is in you and in all of us!

And remember, no matter how important loving oneself is, it cannot be a onetime event. It is a process; an on-going timeless process. It needs effort and it begins with you!


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